Welcome to the FAQ's page for Modestly Yours! Please remember that Modestly Yours is a small business so it might take me a few business days to get back to you. But we are always doing our best!

When will my order be shipped ?

As soon as possible, expected standard delivery is usually about 25-30 business days. Many of our Heirloom products are custom made and may take more time to create. That’s the beauty of our lovely items though, much time and effort have gone into your order and personalization including special notes are all part of the process. Shipping is from Canada.  

Can I get a refund for my order?

We will gladly refund to your account if should you have any issues depending on the item. If your order showed up damaged and there is proof provided, refund is limited to the item value and will not include shipping. 

I received the wrong item in my order what should I do?

Send us a note! You're totally welcome to keep what you accidentally received. If the item is out of stock we will have to issue a refund.

International Customers are in charge of Customs and Fees. This includes EU customers in charge of their own VAT fees and any other country that has fees and/or Customs. Modestly Yours is not responsible for delays due to customs.  

Pre-orders are items that have been manufactured or ordered but have not yet been made or have arrived. Since a good bulk of my items are manufactured sometimes it can take weeks to a few months for the items to get to me, so delivery can take a little while. A pre-order is basically a purchase ahead of time before the product arrives. 

I never received my package what should I do? 

Please contact us at with your issue. If it's due to incorrect address by the time you placed the order and you did not double check or make contact (and I have already shipped the package) you will need to re-order.

Do you accept returns/ exchanges ? 

Yes, we do have a return policy. Please double check our return policy in addition to item descriptions or email any questions if you're looking for more information about an item. Please note, some items we do have in stock and others are sourced from worldwide lovely vendors. Shipping times will vary and we will do our utmost to place your order as quickly as possible, ensuring you will receive your item in the fastest way possible. 

Is your packaging eco-friendly? 

Yes, we do our best to make most if not all packaging as eco-friendly/bio-degradable as possible. Everything should be recyclable or re-usable so please do your best to recycle my packaging once you have received your order. 

*PLEASE NOTE* If you're sending an email regarding an order, please include the order number and what you have ordered so I can easily find it. Email's can be sent to

Avigail, Founder of Modestly Yours

 (Avigail and Jenny in the garden)