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Nestled in the heart of Canada’s serene Prescott Windmill Point resides a woman-owned global enterprise that has taken the world by storm with its mission to provide the ultimate comfort and style.
Founded by Avigail Lynch, Modestly Yours offers an exclusive array of heirloom clothing, evoking the essence of eras past through intricate details in clothing that is made to last.

Avigail’s adventure began with a dream of creating heirloom quality clothing. Once employed by a law firm as a governance guru, she made the switch into fashion by embarking on a quest to craft women’s clothing that resonates with those who desired quality and value over mass fast fashion production.

Sending out beautifully crafted packages from Ontario to consumers globally, her clothing line has become increasingly sought after.

Modestly Yours is a promise of refined beauty with a reminder of times past. Its treasures boast an array of dresses to sleepwear that resembles a lullaby. Each piece is an ode to meticulous craftsmanship, tailored for comfort and longevity.

Beyond borders and boundaries, Avigail’s journey spans the globe to gather the finest materials, joining communities together internationally. She champions global initiatives in her search for new artisans and in her charitable initiatives. Each item comes together to create the heart of her enterprise, with threads weaving color, light, sustainability, beauty, and comfort, each made to last, perhaps into the next generation!

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