A Charming Life and my Hometown

A Charming Life and my Hometown - Modestly Yours

Dear Friend,

How have you been? It's so lovely to be able to write to you again!

This month I write from beautiful Windmill Point. It's a sweet little place on the seaway directly across from New York State near the bridge on the Canadian side. It's a wonderful historical town with homes and docks dotting the waterway and two lighthouses. I can't wait to share more with you...

Everyone has a different idea as to what makes a home and I find myself truly inspired to be in a place such as this. What do you find most inspiring about your own community?

 I have a few photos that you may enjoy showing my own lovely community...



Sailboats on the harbour in Windmill Point

I have always dreamed of living near the water and how much more can one be blessed than to walk to a marina each morning and catch a view of the morning sun over 2 lighthouses?! Amazing!

It is very exciting and to best describe our new home town, it is exactly that - a virtual twin of HGTV's "Home Town"of Laurel - just add a Canadian twist with extra friendly folk and a cool summer breeze in the air. Our town is lovely with beautiful brick historical shops dotted along the waters edge - each store you pass by, one is more inspiring than the next...

Old building at Windmill Point
(One of my favorite historic buildings) 

Windmill Point
(View of the Lighthouse in the morning at Windmill Point)

(Cargo ships going by...)

I so enjoy going to the water and watching the ships...sailboats, cargo ships and more every day.

(A view from the marina with a ship going by)

(Lilacs are in full bloom now)

I hope that you get a chance to enjoy the summer and all it's softest shades.

 "When the sun warms the land and lilacs scent the air, sunbeams impart a rosy glow in perfect harmony." 

Modestly yours,

~ Avi Lynn 

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